— We listen as you tell us your needs and goals and how they relate to your financial future.

— We keep you updated with biyearly reviews and adapt your plan accordingly to changes in your goals and objectives and economic conditions.

— We have no sales pressures or quotas that other financial firms burden their advisors with. We aim to place our clients' assets in investments that are right only for them, not for the company.

Our first priority is you, our client. We strive to develop a plan with financial security and independence that will allow you to sleep with a sense of comfort.

Debbie Cavanaugh's career started in 1983 with IDS/American Express as a financial planner and field trainer. In 1991, she founded West Coast Financial & Insurance Services Inc., emcompassed with a limited broker/dealer. After a succesful number of years, she decided to dissolve the broker/dealer to pursue her passion for people; with her decades of experience in investment strategies, she is able to help indivduals and families achive financial security and success.